Large Color Sketches

Six-inch color concept for campfire scene using Prismacolor pencils

I've already done small color thumbnail sketches which helped me determine what colors I generally want to use on each page. Thumbnails are small, inspirational scribbles, if you haven't been following the blog. In some cases I made several versions for a single page.

Now I am expanding and refining those little inspirational scribbles like the one on the left into larger color sketches: I know what colors I want; now I'm trying to replicate them on purpose, not just by happenstance.

Since these sketches are used for color purposes only, this is why no facial details have been drawn.

While I am at it, I am also teaching myself how to develop RAW camera files-- giving me much more control over the final appearance of the reproduced colors in the book.

A second, "hotter" version of the same image can be seen to the right.