Color Thumbnails

Moonlit scene along the Schuylkill (color thumbnail sketch)

Here is the fourth version of the thumbnails, which serve a different purpose than the earlier sketches. The first three sets of "thumbs" were were used to generate ideas of what to draw on each page. Now for the first time I've attempted to get an idea of what each page will look like in color.

Being a first attempt, things will change. Some of the sketches work nicely, and others don't. But that's what these are for-- to see where problems are popping up with the color, and to fix them.

The first rough interpretation of all pages of the book in color.

I get a general idea of the distribution of color throughout the story, and what emotional role it will play in sequence. Also, palette themes begin to emerge. With practice I should be able to harmonize color relationships from page to page.