Sassoonan's Face (First Version)

This is practice for a page where we see back into Wynonah's youth: Uncle Sassoonan is telling stories to younger people by the light of the fire.

Anatomically this face can be done better, and so can the lighting. The purpose of this was to familiarize myself with the problems I will encounter when trying to make the final image.

Also drawings like this help me create a color palette-- a chosen, limited set of colors-- for each page. Colors don't simply tell us what color things are; more importantly they convey mood and atmosphere.
I used Prismacolor soft core pencils: Dark Brown (PC#946), Celadon Green (PC#1020), Orange (PC# 918), Black (PC# 935), Violet (PC# 932), Lavendar (PC# 934), Yellow Ochre (PC# 942), Terra Cotta (PC# 944), and Cool Grey 20% (PC# 1060).