Finished Two-Page Spread

Here it is, folks. The finished "fire drum circle" drawing seen in previous posts like this one and this one.

It took quite some time to do. Then it underwent a bit of photographic magic to make it print-ready. See it in the context of a two-page spread below (what you see when you open the book, minus the text in this case).

Here I have combined Sassoonan's drum drawing with two others that were done separately: a small drawing of Wynonah's doll, which I imagined she might have picked up at Esther Harris' trading post as a gift. The doll resembles Esther. The text will wrap around this drawing. As a background I have used tea-stained paper.

On the right we see a dramatic vista. Wynonah, on her vision quest, looks down on the village from a high, windy bluff where she has been left to fend for herself as a rite of passage.

It took approximately three days to photograph, develop, color correct, and compile all the artwork into these images. In the coming days I'll share more as we lead up to publication! Enjoy.

(Early concept art on right)