The Last Ones to Leave

In our last post we saw a happy village scene centered around Wynonah's home life in Shamokin, Pennsylvania (present day Sunbury).

Today's image shows its counterpoint. Wynonah, her mother, and Shshash are leaving their home in Shamokin (along with the rest of the family) and re-locating to the Kuskuskies in western Pennsylvania.

It is a rainy day. Wynonah's dog is somewhat confused as to where they are going. Every belonging that the family can carry is packed up on their backs. Shshash uses arm straps. Wynonah uses a tumpline.

Full width art will span two pages

This small band, to my mind, has a somewhat sentimental attachment to the little wigwam and village. As such they are the last ones to leave. This has been possibly my favorite picture to draw so far.