Sassoonan Version Four

This sketch is actually the same sketch seen in the last post, but the complementary colors (yellow and violet) have been blended and layered more to add depth and warmth. Also, black and umber colors have been added to create greater contrast. A colorless blender has been used to smooth color by filling in the white depressions caused by the paper texture.

Sassoonan's face is a challenge-- combining lighting environment, character, and many wrinkles. Click on the "Sassoonan" link at the foot of this post to see the many incarnations of this face. I find that no matter how much I think I know, drawing is still always a learning process.

Read below for more information on version three, which is really the "under-painting" of the version four drawing:

Version Three (left) of Sassoonan's face more closely follows the original color scheme I devised in the thumbnail sketch-- purple and yellow are spectral opposites, and the use of the two creates a luminous effect.

This sketch was drawn from life-- I piled up a length of red plastic "Chinese lantern" decorative lights, plugged them in, and blocked light to the room with heavy cloth.

Looking in a mirror, I imitated the behavior of the light on my own face, and altered my appearance to that of Sassoonan's.

Again this is a practice run. Many trials are necessary to have the feel right in the final image, particularly for faces like this. The expression is kindly, and I count that as one success, but the light from version two (last post) has elements I prefer, particularly the warmer palette.

Maybe in version four I will be able to combine these qualities.