George and Wynonah Campfire Colors

I have been experimenting with the two illustrations involving campfires-- basically trying to create a unique identity and feel for each one, even though both involve people sitting by campfires.

One depicts Wynonah as a little girl listening to old Uncle Sassoonan tell stories by the fire (see that sketch here), and the second shows Wynonah as a woman, breakfasting with her new friend Colonel Washington.

The above sketch is for the second of the two-- a preliminary - exploratory - experimental sketch showing our heroes by the fireside on the Schuylkill River.

The Sassoonan sketch expresses firelight with warm earth tones, giving a nostalgic feeling. The Washington-Wynonah sketch will use a more contrasting and yet harmonious palette, indicative of the bond between two dissimilar people, and the excitement of a forming friendship.