Pentemente: Sketches of Wynonah

In this early stage of developmental drawing I find it convenient to work on small sheets of tracing paper. Individual parts of the composition can easily be moved around within the border of the work area, and also it is easier to adjust each drawing simply by retracing the good parts and altering the rest.

After sketching the George/Wynonah campfire idea in thumbnail form, I used a full-length mirror to see how the pose would be held in reality. The pose changed several times as I extended my arms in friendship the way Wynonah did.

As seen in the last post, I then did a quick gesture sketch (my sister posed), and based on this I went to the tracing paper. A simple drawing of the rigid skeleton allowed me to flesh out the body, and the fleshed-out form could then be draped in clothing that the manuscript and further research told me she must have worn.

A third version shows the pose changed yet again with not one, but two arms offering the turtle shell cup full of sassafras tea.

Future versions will include refined contours, light and shadow, and color. Last of all the final illustration will incorporate Wynonah, George, and the various items they brought to stay safe, warm, and well-fed on their journey.